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Kingdom Comics and Games

301 N. Main Street
Lakeport CA 95453
(707) 413-3193
Open 7 days a week 10am-7pm

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Pay n Play!

Come in for our "Pay n Play" flat screens!
We have plenty of nice leather chairs for a few of your buddies, too.

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For the Nerds

Finally comics for nerds!
Written and Illustrated by Jeff Morin. Jeff reads comics, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and wears glasses.

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For Our Players

For our players: Mondays: Pokemon. Tuesday: YuGiOh. Wednesday: Casual Magic (Build, trade, practice, etc.) Thursday: Table top (Including D&D with dungeon Master Jeff.) Friday: Comp. Magic (Standard, Modern, Standard-Extended, EDH/Commander.) Our weekly Line Up!